CHARTS: Deaths and Injuries in Israel-Palestine since 2000

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At least X and X have been killed by someone from the other side since 2000.

This chart shows how many Palestinians have been killed by Israelis (red bar) and how many Israelis have been killed by Palestinians (blue bar) each year since the Second Intifada began on September 28, 2000. In total, at least 9,558 Palestinians and 1,248 Israelis have been killed.

At least 2,172 and 134 have been killed by someone from the other side since 2000.

Please note: While the children killed on October 7, 2023 and since have not yet been added to the list, the statistics below include updated death tolls as reported here.

Also note: the number of Israeli children killed since October 7, 2023 is an estimate as the official number has not yet been reported.


This chart uses data from a 3rd party source and was last updated on August 11, 2018. At least 99,968 Palestinians and 11,949 Israelis have been injured by someone from the other side since 2000.