Mohammad Raed Hussein Dakheel

February 8, 2022: Mohammad Raed Hussein Dakheel, 22, was assassinated by undercover Israeli soldiers in the Al-Makhfiyya neighborhood in Nablus, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

Eyewitnesses stated that an Israeli special forces unit opened heavy live fire at a civilian vehicle in the Al-Makhfiyya neighborhood, killing the three young men, in addition to detaining a fourth.

The Ministry of Health has officially confirmed the identities of the three young as:

  1. Ashraf Mohammad Abdul-Fattah Mobaslat, 21, from the al-Makhfiyya neighborhood in Nablus.
  2. Mohammad Raed Hussein Dakheel, 22, from the al-Makhfiyya neighborhood in Nablus.
  3. Adham Jamal Abdul-Rahim Mabrouka, 26, from the al-Makhfiyya neighborhood in Nablus.

The Israeli military claimed the slain young men were part of a resistance group allegedly responsible for recent shootings targeting army posts in Nablus.

According to Israeli Kan News, the Israeli Security Agency (Shabak) received information regarding the whereabouts of the Palestinians. It immediately dispatched undercover soldiers of the Yamam unit and deployed sharpshooters before luring the fighters to the area where the assassination took place.

Quds News Network (QNN) reported that the Israeli Special Forces Unit of Yamam, involving more than fifteen soldiers, driving civilian vehicles, shot at least eighty rounds at the Palestinians in their car, before leaving the scene.

A fourth Palestinian was in the car and was shot by undercover Israeli soldiers before they abducted him and took him to an unknown destination.

Thousands of Palestinians, including armed resistance fighters, participated in the massive funeral procession in Nablus.

Video By Quds News Network

An eyewitness said he was at home when he heard gunshot sounds before he went to his balcony and saw two civilian cars, one a Taxi and one just a private vehicle before the undercover soldiers jumped out of the two cars and again fired a barrage of live fire at the car of the slain Palestinians.

The assassination led to massive protests across the occupied West Bank, especially in the Nablus governorate where the soldiers shot at least sixty Palestinians and caused dozens to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation.

Dozens of Israeli colonizers also gathered at intersections near Nablus and attacked Palestinian cars.

Groups of colonizers also attacked Palestinian cars in several parts of the Hebron governorate, in the southern part of the West Bank.

Mohammad was from the al-Makhfiyya neighborhood in Nablus, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank. Source: IMEMC, QNN, WAFA