‘Ali Waleed al-‘Abed Burais

May 17, 2021: ‘Ali Waleed al-‘Abed Burais, 30, by Israeli missiles that struck the Maldives Café at Gaza seaside.

Three other Palestinians were killed in the same attack, and many were injured.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) said the Israeli missiles killed Ali along with Mohammed Jamal Abu Sam’an, 24, Mohammed Hasan Abu Sam’an,  32, and Ahmed Khalil Hejazi al-Louh, 24.

The bodies of the slain Palestinains were severely mutilated, torn into pieces.

Ali was a member of the Palestinian Military Police in Gaza.

The PCHS said for the ninth consecutive day, Israeli forces continued their offensive on the Gaza Strip, during which, Israeli warplanes launched dozens of intense airstrikes, along with artillery and gunboats shelling.

As a result, more houses and civilian facilities were targeted. Moreover, the only Covid-19 laboratory is no longer able to carry out tests due to an Israeli airstrike near the Headquarter of the Ministry of Health and al-Rimal Clinic. The violent artillery shelling also continued, forcing more residents to leave.

It added that the death toll since the beginning of the Israeli offensive has risen to 213, including sixty-one children and thirty-five women, and the number of those wounded has risen to 958, including 291children and 206 women.

According to the daily update by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the total number of injuries has risen to 1440, including four hundred children and 270 women. Among those injuries, fifty were critical and 340 ranged between serious and moderate.

Ali was from Gaza: Source: The Palestinian Center For Human Rights