Yazan Samer Ja’bari

January 14, 2023: Yazan Samer Ja’bari, 19, died from serious wounds he suffered earlier in January after Israeli soldiers shot and seriously injured him in the Al-Yamoun town, west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin.

Palestinian medical sources at Iben Sina Hospital in Jenin confirmed Yazan’s death and said he was seriously injured by Israeli army fire on January 2.

Yazan when the army invaded the town and detonated the home of two slain Palestinians, Ahmad Ayman ‘Aabed, 23, and Abdul-Rahman Hani ‘Aabed, 22.

The invasion led to massive protests before the soldiers fatally shot Mohamamd Samer Houshiyya, 21, from Al-Yamoun, and Fuad Mahmoud Ahmad ‘Aabed, 18, from Kafr Dan, and injured many others, some seriously, including Yazan.

Hundreds of Palestinians marched carrying Yaza’n’s body, chanting for unity and ongoing resistance until liberation and independence.

At dawn the same day, Israeli soldiers killed two Palestinians, Ezzeddin Bassem Hamamra, 24, and Amjad Adnan Khaliliyya, 23, both from Jaba’ town, south of Jenin, near the main entrance of Jaba’ town, south of Jenin, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

Their deaths bring the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli army fire in the first fourteen days of this year, 2023, to twelve, including three children.

The Palestinians Health Ministry said the soldiers killed 224 Palestinians last year, including two children; 59 slain Palestinians are from the Jenin governorate.

Yazan was from Al-Yamoun town, west of Jenin, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank. Source: IMEMC