Mahmoud Ahmad Daoud

August 08, 2022: Mahmoud Ahmad Daoud, 21, died from serious wounds he suffered a day earlier during the Israeli bombing of Gaza Sunday.

Palestinian medical sources have confirmed Mohammad, a traffic police officer has succumbed to his serious wounds at a hospital in Gaza city.

They added that Mahmoud was seriously wounded when the Israeli army fired missiles at the as-Samer Junction, in the center of Gaza city.

His death brings the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli missiles and shells during the three-day offensive on Gaza (Friday-Saturday-Sunday) to 45 Palestinians, including one elder, three women, and fifteen children.

The number of wounded Palestinians is 360, including 19 elders, 58 women, and 151 children.

The Palestinian Housing Ministry in Gaza said the Israeli bombing of residential towers and homes in Gaza has led to the destruction of 18 units, in addition to partially damaging 71 units and rendering them unsafe, and 1675 units that sustained partial damage but remained structurally sound.

Mahmoud was from Gaza City. Source: IMEMC