Yazan Omar Khasib

March 17, 2023: Yazan Omar Khasib, 23, was killed by Israeli soldiers near the Beit El military roadblock, at the northern entrance of Ramallah, in the Ramallah and Al-Biereh governorate, in the Central West Bank.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said the Palestinian General Authority of Civil Affairs informed it that the soldiers killed Yazan at the western entrance of Beitin village.

The Health Ministry added that the army refused to allow Palestinian medics to approach the young man before taking his corpse away.

More than an hour after he was killed, the General Authority of Civil Affairs received Yazan’s corpse and took it to Palestinian Medical Complex in Ramallah.

The soldiers also closed roads and installed roadblocks, preventing the Palestinians from crossing.

It is worth mentioning that Yazan is from Qaffin town, north of Tulkarem in the northern West Bank, but his family lives in Ramallah city.

His death brings the number of slain Palestinians since the beginning of this year to 89, including 17 children and one woman.

On Thursday, Israeli soldiers, including undercover forces, killed four Palestinians, including a child and a young man who was executed after being shot and seriously injured, and wounded more than 21 Palestinians, five seriously, in Jenin, in the northern West Bank.

Yazan was from Qaffin town, north of Tulkarem in the northern West Ban, but his family lived in Ramallah. Source: IMEMC