Mohammad Bakr

May 15, 2017: Mohammad Majed Bakr, 25, was killed by Israeli navy fire after the navy opened fire on Palestinian fishing boats close to the Gaza shore, shooting him and abducting three other fishermen, and confiscating their boats.

Mohammad was a married father of two children. He was seriously injured, and was later moved to Barzelai Israeli Medical Center, where he died from his wounds.

His corpse was later transferred back to the besieged Gaza Strip, where hundreds of Palestinians marched in his funeral ceremony and burial.

After the navy attacked Palestinian fishing boats near the Sudaniyya Sea shoe in Gaza, the navy arrested Mohammad, who was injured by live fire in the abdomen, along with Mohammad Abu Warda, 27, and his brothers Yousef, 22, and Hussein, 14.

During the navy attack, at least 60 fishing nets were destroyed; one fishing boat was confiscated, while four other fishermen were abducted in an earlier attack.

The Palestinian Center for Human Right (PCHR) said that Israeli gunboats opened fire at a fishing boat manned by four fishermen, wounding Mohammed with a bullet to the abdomen.

On Sunday May 14, Israeli gunboats stationed off al-Wahah shore, west of Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip, chased a fishing boat belonging to ‘Ashour Shamalakh, who was sailing within the Israeli-created limit of 3 nautical miles, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) said.

One of the Israeli gunboats then surrounded the fishing boat, which was manned by three fishermen, and the Israeli soldiers ordered the fishermen to stop fishing and arrested them. Those arrested fishermen were identified as Mohammed Sa’id Bakr, 17, Mohammed Tariq Baker, 22, and ‘Abdullah Sabri Baker, 19.

PCHR also stated that approximately 23:45 on the same day, Israeli gunboats stationed off the shore, northwest of al-Wahah, west of Beit Lahia, opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats.

The gunboats then surrounded a fishing boat belonging to Amin Abu Warda, 49, sailing within 2 nautical miles, and manned by his three sons, Yousif, 27, Mohammed, 24, and Hussein, 13. All of them are from Jabalia.

The Israeli naval soldiers forced them to take off their clothes, jumped into the eater and swim towards the Israeli gunboat; the fishermen were then arrested while the boat was confiscated. Mohammad was from Gaza. Source: IMEMC