Yehuda Dimantman

December 16, 2021: Yehuda Dimantman, 20, was killed by Palestinians who opened fire at his car, near the evacuated Homesh colonialist outpost, which was built on Palestinian lands north of Nablus, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

Israeli sources said the Yehuda was with two of his friends, driving from a Yeshiva when their car came under fire near Homesh.

They stated that Yehuda was a Yeshiva student who lived in the Shavei Shomron colony and added his two friends were mildly injured.

After the shooting, the medics rushed to the scene and tried to revive Yehuda but had to pronounce his death due to his serious wounds.

Hundreds of Israeli soldiers arrived at the scene, closed many roadblocks in the area, including Huwwara, Jeet, and Beit Forik, in addition to installing many roadblocks in the area, in an attempt to locate the shooters.

Israeli sources said the Israeli Shin Bet security agency also joined the search and investigation.

While the Hamas movement did not claim responsibility for the shooting, it praised the attack, and described it as a “heroic operation against the illegal Israeli occupation and its murderous settlers.”

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli army and the security agency said they managed to pinpoint the location where the Palestinians opened fire at the car and added that they [the Palestinian shooters] stood near the road and fired nearly ten live rounds at the car while it was leaving the area and said that the efforts to capture the shooters are ongoing.

The Israeli army deployed dozens of soldiers in the area and initiated a massive search campaign.

In the evening hours of the same day, a group of Israeli colonizers attacked many Palestinian cars and closed the main road, east of Hebron city, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank.

It is worth mentioning that Israeli soldiers killed four Palestinians, including a child, in the occupied West Bank since the beginning of this month.

On December 12, 2021, the soldiers killed Jamil Mohammad al-Kayyal, 31, after the army invaded Nablus.

On December 10, 2021, the soldiers killed Jamil Abu Ayyash, 31, during the weekly protest against the illegal Israeli colonies in Beita town, southeast of Nablus.

On December 6, 2021, the soldiers killed a child, Mohammad Nidal Younis, 15, at a military roadblock near Tulkarem, in the northern part of the West Bank, after the army claimed he intentionally rammed his car into the roadblock.

On December 04, 2021, the soldiers Mohammad Shawkat Salima, 25, after he stabbed an Israeli settler in occupied Jerusalem, in the West Bank.

Yehuda was from Shavei Shomron Israeli colony, near Nablus, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank. Source: Ynetnews, IMEMC