Mojahed Nabil al-Khodary

Mojahed alKhodaryApril 4, 2018: Mojahed Nabil al-Khodary, 23, was killed by Israeli forces who fired a drone missile at a protest near the Erez border crossing between Gaza and Israel.

Palestinian medical sources said that an armed Israeli military drone fired a missile at Palestinian protesters near Erez Crossing, in the eastern part of the Gaza Strip, killing one of them, and wounding several others.

Palestinian medics were unable to enter the area due to Israeli army fire, and severe military restrictions on border areas, and were only able to retrieve his body in the morning.

Medical sources at the Shifa Medical center in Gaza city, said Red Crescent Medics located the mutilated remains of the slain Palestinian, east of the Zeitoun neighborhood, southeast of Gaza city.

They added that the soldiers also shot five Palestinians with live fire and caused dozens to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation in the same area.
The killing of Mojahed with the drone missile comes just days after Israeli forces killed eighteen unarmed Palestinians engaged in peaceful Land Day protests along the Gaza borders with Israel.

Mojahed was from Gaza City, in the central part of the Gaza Strip. Source: IMEMC