ABOUT: Israel-Palestine Timeline – The Human Cost of the Conflict

About this Website

This timeline lists all Palestinians and Israelis killed by a person from the other side from September 29, 2000 to the present. Our goal is to create a page with information and photos for each person that has been killed. These pages can be viewed by clicking on a person’s name from the home page. As additional facts become available, they will be added.

This website includes every death we can find reported. While Israeli deaths, fewer in number, are reported widely and in great detail, it should be noted that Palestinians are frequently killed in large numbers during military incursions, and reporting agencies don’t always have adequate access to ensure they haven’t missed anyone.

The majority of the names listed on this site come from the records of B’Tselem, an Israeli nonprofit organization that documents human rights abuses in the occupied Palestinian territories, and from the International Media Information Center (IMEMC), an independent news organization based in the Bethlehem region that reports on events in both Israel and the Palestinian territories. Additional reports of deaths have come from other news agencies such as Ma’an News and Ha’aretz.

The timeline does not include the names of Palestinians who have died from causes indirectly related to the conflict, (such as lack of medical treatment caused by the Israeli blockade of Gaza) as B’Tselem does not include them in their records. However, information about these deaths can be found under Additional Deaths. The Palestinian Health Ministry and other news outlets often include these indirect deaths in their figures, so the statistics shown on this site may differ slightly from other sources.

Finally, it is essential to understand that these deaths are part of a far larger, often misunderstood context. For critical information on the historycontext, and U.S. connection to Israel-Palestine, please visit our main website, If Americans Knew.

Who We Are

This is a project of If Americans Knew, a nonprofit organization dedicated to informing Americans about the U.S. connection to Israel-Palestine.

Useful Resources

The International Middle East Media Center (mentioned above) is one of the top sources for information in the region. Since 2003, IMEMC has provided detailed daily reports on events inside the Palestinian Territories.

B’Tselem (mentioned above) provides research reports and a wide variety of statistics on the conflict.

Remember These Children contains a list and information on the Palestinian and Israeli children killed from 2000 to 2014.

Count The Kids provides graphic renditions of the number of children killed among both populations.

Additional Information on the May 2021 violence is here.

Additional Resources on July 2014 Israeli Invasion of Gaza:

The Washington Post “Gaza Counter” provides an image with details on the deaths among both populations during “Operation Protective Edge” through August 6 (the assault actually ended on August 26).

More visualizations are also at Beyond The Number (photos of each victim in Gaza) and B’Tselem (diverse charts).