Mohammad Abu Reeda

Mohammad Abu ReedaMay 6, 2018: Mohammad Abu Reeda, 20, was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers stationed near the eastern border of the southern city of Khan Younis in Gaza, while allegedly attempting to cross the border fence.

Mohammad was unarmed when he was shot and killed, along with Baha’ Qdeih, 23.

The Israeli army claimed that the two Palestinians crossed the border fence before the soldiers shot them.

Safa, a local Palestinian news agency, said that the army left the two wounded Palestinians bleeding for about half an hour before allowing Palestinian paramedics to evacuate them.

Baha’ was already dead when the medics were able to reach him, while Mohammad was rushed to surgery at the Gaza European Hospital, but died from his serious wounds.

The agency said that the soldiers “detained and shot the two Palestinians in the area between the barbed-wire border fence and the Palestinians land east of Khan Younis.”

According to the Health Ministry in Gaza, when the paramedics arrived in the area , they found Qdeih had passed away and Mohammad Abu-Reeda was still bleeding, but in critical condition.

They were evacuated to the hospital and Mohammad received life-saving treatment, but was later pronounced dead.

Mohammad was from Khuza’a town, in Khan Younis in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. Source: IMEMC