Mohammad Qweider

April 25, 2017: Mohammad Mahmoud Qweider, 10, was killed by Israeli explosives dropped by Israeli soldiers who earlier conducted live-fire training in Zarnouk village, in the Negev. His cousin, Omar, 8, was also killed in the same incident.

Mahmoud Abu Qwaider, the father of Mohammad, said the children found the object while playing near their homes, in the same area where the Israeli army constantly conducts live fire training, including the use of explosives, and that the soldiers are frequently seen running and training between the houses and dwellings.

After the explosion, Israeli medics, soldiers and sappers arrived at the scene, and took the children to a hospital, but they were both already dead.

Some Israeli reports claimed that the incident was just an accident that took place “when a power generator exploded near the children.”

Israeli police spokeswoman Luba Samri said the children “were apparently playing with an ordnance when it exploded,” and claimed that the police were “investigating the incident.”

The incident is one of dozens of similar events that led to many casualties, including fatalities, not only in the Negev, but also in Bedouin communities, especially in the Jordan Valley and the Northern Plains of the West Bank.

On Sunday, April 30, 2017, Israeli soldiers and police officers invaded Zarnouk village, and delivered demolition orders targeting two homes.

The village’s Local Council issued a statement denouncing the demolition orders, especially since they came not long after the two children were killed by Israel’s own explosives, directly resulting from using civilian areas as training grounds for the military.

Mohammad was from Zarnouk village in the Negev. Source: IMEMC