Diar Omari

May 06, 2023: Diar Omari, 20, a Palestinian resident of the village of Sandala, part of the Gilboa Regional Council in northern Israel, was shot and killed by an Israeli paramilitary colonial settler from the nearby Israeli colony Gan Ner.

The victim was identified as Diar Omari, 20, a Palestinian-Israeli citizen from Sandala, not far from Affula in the Northern District. He leaves behind two sisters and his parents.

According to local sources, Amri was critically wounded by multiple gunshots and was taken to HaEmek Medical Center in Afula, where he was declared dead.

Israeli police said it arrested a 32-year-old Israeli man suspected of being the shooter.

The Israeli gunman is a reserve soldier with the Golani Brigade of the Israeli army and was discharged just a few days ago.

He was not named, but the police said he had a handgun, suspected of being the gun used to shoot Omari.

The attack took place after a traffic incident; both men had been driving cars but got out, and the Israeli man got out his gun and began shooting at the Palestinian, fatally wounding him.

One of Diyar’s relatives told the Arabs48 News website said the whole issue started after a simple traffic incident before the two argued and the Diyar started walking to his car to leave the area and avoid further tension, but the Israeli shot him without justification since it was clear he was not in any danger.

A video released on social media showed the two men arguing, and then the Israeli human pulled out a gun and opened fire at Diar.

The incident could have ended without a fatality if the Israeli gunman did not use his weapon not only to shoot the young man but to inflict fatal wounds, especially since he fired several rounds at him.

Following the shooting, protests began in the village of Sandala. Israeli police deployed into the village, assaulted many Palestinians who protests the young man’s murder, and detained three.

The Israeli police did not reveal sufficient information but said the Israeli who fatally shot Omari claimed: “he killed him in self-defense after feeling his life was in danger,” and added that the officers took the gun he used in the shooting.

The police also detained two persons who allegedly hurled stones at Israeli cars while protesting the young man’s death and called on the Israelis Gan Ner settlement, south of Affula, to remain in their colony until the situation calms down.

Diar was from Sandala, not far from Affula in the Northern District. Source: IMEMC