Jamal Mahmoud Majdoub

October 05, 2023: Jamal Mahmoud Majdoub, 26, was killed by Israeli soldiers in Huwwara town, south of Nablus, in the occupied West Bank’s northern part.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said the soldiers shot a young man near the Zeitouna Junction in the center of the town.

It added that the soldiers prevented Palestinian medics from reaching Jamal; before he succumbed to his wounds and was later placed in an Israeli military ambulance and taken away.

The Israeli army claimed the Palestinian exchanged fire with the soldiers, who surrounded a building he was in near the Zeitouna Junction.

The army alleged the Palestinian had earlier fired several live rounds at an Israeli car in the town, shattering the back window, and added that a pregnant woman, accompanied by a child in the backseat, was driving the vehicle and managed to drive away unharmed and headed to a military roadblock.

Video footage from a car dash cam shows a young man approaching the car and firing at it while the driver attempted to drive away and continued to the nearby Israeli military roadblock.

The Israeli army forced all stores in Huwwara shut and increased its deployment and military roadblocks in the town and several parts of the Nablus governorate.

Earlier Thursday, Israeli soldiers killed Abdul-Rahman Fares Mohammad Atta, 23, and Hotheifa Adnan Muhammad Fares, 27, in Shoufa village, southeast of Tulkarem in the northwestern occupied West Bank.

Jamal, who lived in Jordan and recently came back to the West Bank with his brother, and the two have been living with their grandmother in Far’un town, south of Tulkarem in the northwestern West Bank. Source: IMEMC