Omar Mohammed Ameen al-Mankoush

May 19, 2021: Omar Mohammed Ameen al-Mankoush, 20, was killed by Israeli missiles in his home in Gaza city.

He was killed when Israeli warplanes fired a missile at the upper floors of Zo’rob building in al-Rimal neighborhood.

As a result, Omar was killed, and the building sustained material damage.

Also, Israeli warplanes launched two missiles at Jala Subhi al-Thalathini’s house in southern Gaza City and destroyed it.

Al- Thalathini’s 2-storey house (330 sqms) sheltered 4 families, including 3 women and 4 children, and housed on the ground floor Bonjour Coffee Factory. It should be noted that the Israeli Intelligence Service called the house’s owner before the airstrike and ordered him to vacate.

The Israeli warplanes also fired two missiles at an apartment belonging to Abu Hussain family building near al-Shiekh Redwan intersection.

As a result, al-Aqsa Radio announcer namely Yousef Mohammed ‘Abed al-Qader Abu Hussain (33) was killed while the 4th and 5th floors in the targeted building were destroyed.  Also, the Israeli warplanes fired a missile at Yousef Abu Hussein’s car which was parked in front of his house, destroying 3 other civilian vehicles parked in the area.

Omar was from Rimal neighborhood in Gaza city. Source: The Palestinian Center For Human Rights (PCHR)