Shaymaa’ Alaa Abu al-‘Auf

May 17, 2021: Shaymaa’ Alaa Subhi Abu al-‘Auf, 21, was killed after the Israeli army fired missiles at homes in the al-Wehda Street, in Gaza city.

Medical and civil defense crews retrieved her corpse under the rubble of residential building.

Her death brough the number of Palestinians who were killed in that wave of bombardment alone to forty-four.

Israeli warplanes carried out dozens of airstrikes on various targets across the city.

As a result, 4 Palestinians, including a girl, were killed and sixty-four others were wounded, including 11 women and twenty children. Also, a dead body of a woman from Abu al-‘Aouf family was retrieved from under the rubble of residential buildings that were bombarded in the Al-Wehda Street massacre.

The airstrikes targeted 2 commercial and 6 residential buildings and destroyed them. Also, the headquarter of the Ministry of Health, several factories and civilian facilities sustained severe damage.

Also, two dead bodies arrived at al-Shifa Hospital after Israeli warplanes targeted near the Maldives Café at Gaza seaside, raising the number of those killed in this airstrike to four, including two documented in yesterday’s press release. ​

Those killed were identified as Mohammed Jamal ‘Ali Abu Sam’an, 24, Mohammed Hasan Abu Sam’an, 32, ‘Ali Waleed al-‘Abed Burais, 30, and Ahmed Khalil Hejazi al-Louh (24) and their bodies were torn into pieces.

On that day, the Palestinian Center For Human Rights (PCHR) said ten Palestinians were Killed, including one woman and 1 Child, and 122 Others Wounded, Including 22 Women and 40 Children

It added that death toll mounted to 213, Including 61 Children and 35 Women, and Total Number of Injuries Rises to 958, Including 291 Children and 206 Women.

Shaymaa was from Gaza. Source: The Palestinian Center For Human Rights (PCHR)