Mahmoud Majed Gharabli

July 4, 2018: Mahmoud Majed Gharabli, 16, died from serious wounds he suffered on May 14th, after Israeli soldiers shot him during the Great Return March in Gaza.

The Ministry said the teen was shot by an Israeli army sniper east of Gaza city, while participating in a non-violent demonstration at the Gaza-Israel border.

The teen was shot in the head and remained in serious condition until he succumbed to his wounds on July 4th.

On the same day of his injury, May 14th, the soldiers killed sixty Palestinians, and injured 2700, including 27 who suffered very serious wounds, 59 serious injuries, 735 moderate wounds, and 882 suffered light wounds. Several Palestinians died from their critical injuries days, or weeks, after the being shot.

772 of the wounded Palestinians were shot with live rounds, three with rubber-coated steel bullets, 91 with shrapnel, 100 cuts and bruises and 737 suffered the effects of teargas inhalation.

65 of the wounded were shot in the head and neck, 116 in their arms, 48 in the chest and back, 651 in the lower extremities, 52 in several parts of their bodies and 737 suffered the effects of teargas inhalation.

Mohammad’s death brings the number of Palestinians, who were killed in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the Great Return March on March 30th, to 136, including 17 children and two women, as confirmed by the Health Ministry in Gaza.

The Ministry also said that the soldiers injured 15501 Palestinians, including 7270 who were treated in field trauma stabilization units, and 8221 who were moved to hospitals.

Among the injured are 2525 children, 1158 women, in addition to 375 who suffered severe wounds, 3819 moderate wounds, and 4027 minor injuries.

The Ministry said Israeli soldiers shot 4024 Palestinians with live ammunition, 428 with rubber-coated steel bullets, 1497 suffered severe effects of gas inhalation, and 2273 suffered various cuts and bruises.

588 of the wounded were injured in the head and neck, 340 in the chest and back, 370 in the abdomen and pelvis, 1011 in the upper limbs, 4161 in the lower limbs, and 1606 in other parts of their bodies.

It also said that 55 Palestinians suffered amputations in their lower limbs, 1 in the upper limb, and 6 suffered amputations of fingers.

The Israeli army also killed two Palestinian medics, identified as Razan Ashraf Najjar, 22, and Mousa Jaber Abu Hassanein, 36, injured 318 others with live bullets and gas bombs, and caused damage to 45 ambulances.

In addition, the soldiers killed two journalists, identified as Yasser Mortaja, 31, and Ahmad Mohammad Abu Hussein, 25.

Mahmoud was from Gaza City, in the central part of the Gaza Strip. Source: IMEMC