Ra’fat Harbawi

July 18, 2017: Ra’fat Nathmi Harbawi, 29, was killed by Israeli soldiers at Beit ‘Anoun junction, east of Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank, after the army claimed that he rammed soldiers with his car, mildly wounding two.

Palestinian eyewitnesses said the soldiers fired a barrage of live rounds at Ra’fat’s car, before dozens of soldiers rushed to the scene, and closed the area.

Palestinian Red Crescent medics tried to reach the Palestinian, but the soldiers prevented them from approaching his vehicle.

The Israeli army later invaded Ra’fat’s home, and summoned his brother, Mohammad, for further interrogation.

The soldiers also attacked many Palestinians, including reporters, who gathered near the Palestinian’s home, and deleted videos and pictures on cameras and smartphones, documenting the invasion, in addition to interrogating reporters and family members for more than 90 minutes. Ra’fat, a married father of two children, was from Hebron. Source: IMEMC