Elan Ganeles

February 27, 2023: Elan Ganeles, 26, an Israeli paramilitary colonizer and former Israeli army soldier, was shot dead near Jericho, in the northeastern part of the West Bank.

He was transported by helicopter to the Israeli hospital Hadassah in Jerusalem but was pronounced dead.

Israeli sources identified the man as Elan Ganeles, 26, an American-Israeli who grew up in Hartford, Connecticut, and lived in a religious Kibbutz in the northern part of Israel.

The Times Of Israel said Elan returned to the U.S. to study at Colombia University and was attending a friend’s wedding.

Israeli media reported Genales was driving his car when he was shot by a single bullet in the upper body, causing him to lose control of his vehicle, which veered off the road and crashed. The incident took place on Road 90 near the city of Jericho.

Israeli forces closed the entrances to Jericho and invaded the Palestinian and surrounding areas to search for the perpetrators of the attack.

According to the Israeli military, the suspected gunmen allegedly set their car on fire, then fled in another vehicle toward Jericho.

The Islamic Jihad movement issued a statement praising the attack but did not claim credit for it. The group said, “the resistance operations continue, and the enemy will pay the price for all his crimes.”

The attack in Jericho followed a day of unbridled arson attacks by Israeli paramilitary settlers against Palestinian civilians in Huwwara, near Nablus in the northern West Bank.

Earlier on Monday, two Israeli Colonizers were killed in a shooting in Huwwara near Nablus.

On Sunday, a Palestinian civilian was killed by Israeli soldiers while in his home in Za’tara village. Sameh Aqtash, who was murdered by Israeli forces Sunday, was in Turkey two weeks before, volunteering with a rescue team to save lives after the earthquake.

On February 23, 2023, Israeli soldiers killed Mohammad Nabil Fawzi Abu Sabah, 29, In Jenin, in the northern West Bank.

The day before Mohammad’s death, Israeli soldiers killed eleven Palestinians, injured more than 102, six seriously, and caused more than  250 Palestinians to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation and other minor wounds.

  1. Anan Shawkat Ennab, 66.
  2. Adnan Sabe’ Ba’ara, 72.
  3. Mohammad Khaled Anbousi, 25.
  4. Tamer Nimir Ahmad Minawi, 33.
  5. Mos’ab Monir Mohammad Oweiss, 26.
  6. Husam Bassam Isleem, 24.
  7. Mohammad Abu Kabr Al-Juneidi, 23.
  8. Walid Riyad Hussein Dakheel, 23.
  9. Abdul-Hadi Abdul-Aziz Ashqar, 61.
  10. Mohammad Farid Sha’ban, 16.
  11. Jasser Jamil Abdul-Wahab Qaneer, 23.

Elan was from Hartford, Connecticut in the US. Source: IMEMC