Sa’ed Salah

July 12, 2017: Sa’ed Nasser Salah, 20, was killed by Israeli soldiers who invaded Jenin refugee camp, in the northern West Bank governorate of Jenin, and fired dozens of live rounds and gas bombs, during clashes that took place following the invasion.

Sa’ad was shot with three live rounds, including one in the head, and succumbed to his wounds on the operating table in a hospital in Jenin.

He has three brothers; one of them, Yousef, is imprisoned by Israel, and one is a former political prisoner, while their father became paralyzed several years ago, after the soldiers shot him in his spine.

During the invasion, the soldiers also killed Aws Mohammed Yousif Salamah, 17, from Jenin refugee camp, after shooting them with live fire.

The Israeli army claimed that many Palestinian protesters hurled homemade explosives and Molotov cocktail on the military vehicles.

A third Palestinian, identified as Odai Nizar Abu Na’sa, 19, was seriously injured, after the soldiers shot him with an expanding bullet in his leg. Sa’ad was from Jenin city.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) issued a statement strongly condemning the excessive use of force by the Israeli military, and affirming that the two Palestinians were not part of any clashes which broke out between the Palestinian civilians and Israeli soldiers. Source: IMEMC