Mohammad Hasan Assaf

April 13, 2022: Mohammad Hasan Assaf, 34, was killed by Israeli soldiers while driving in the industrial area in Nablus city, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

Medical sources in Nablus have confirmed that the soldiers shot the Palestinian with a live round in the chest.

Mohammad was killed when the Israeli soldiers were withdrawing from Nablus after a massive invasion into several areas, causing many injuries, including several young men shot with live rounds.

Eyewitnesses said the army fired dozens of live rounds at cars, homes, and streets while withdrawing from the area.

Mohammad was a lawyer with the Wall & Colonization Resistance Commission and was a well-known figure and social activist who represented dozens of families in Israeli courts, filed appeals against the illegal Israeli annexation of Palestinian lands, and defended the rights of the Palestinians, especially the farmers and villagers.

Mohammad was also a known figure, not just to the Palestinians for defending their rights and lands from illegal Israeli annexation and colonies, but also by the Israeli occupation soldiers for his constant participation in the ongoing nonviolent processions against the illegal Israeli Annexation Wall, and the colonies.

Mohammad, a father of three children, the oldest of them is only four years of age, was killed by the soldiers while returning home after driving his sons and nephews to school; he was returning from the Industrial Area in Nablus when the soldiers fired at his car and killed him.

His corpse was moved from Rafidia hospital in Nablus to his home in Kafr Laqif town in Qalqilia.

Video By Al-Ghad

The Palestinian Center For Human Rights (PCHR) said, “an Israeli soldier, who was inside a military vehicle, fired four live bullets from a distance of 40 meters at the lawyer. One of the bullets penetrated his chest. The lawyer fell to the ground and bled from his mouth.”

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The PCHR added that “Since the beginning of the year, the Israeli occupation forces killed 26 Palestinians, including six children and two women, in separate incidents in the West Bank; most of them were victims of excessive use of force that accompanied suppression of peaceful protests and gatherings.”

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Thousands of Palestinians participated in Mohammad’s funeral ceremony, which was led by Palestinian Security Forces, and burial while chanting against the escalating Israeli crimes and violations and calling for resisting the occupation until liberation and independence.

Mohammad was from Kafr Laqif village, east of Qalqilia, in the northern part of the West Bank. Source: IMEMC