Mohammad Hasan Abu Sam’aan

May 17, 2021: Mohammad Hasan Abu Sam’aan, 32, was killed by Israeli missiles at the Maldives Café at Gaza city’s seaside.

Sources at the Shifa Hospital said Israeli killed Hasan and three other Palestinians, in addition to wounding many.

The Palestinian Center For Human Rights identified the slain Palestinians as identified as Mohammed Jamal ‘Ali Abu Sam’an, 24, Mohammed Hasan Abu Sam’an, 32, ‘Ali Waleed al-‘Abed Burais, 30. and Ahmed Khalil Hejazi al-Louh, 24, and added that their bodies were torn into pieces.

Furthermore, the PCHR said Israeli warplanes launched four missiles at Ayman Siyam’s house in central Jabalia camp and destroyed it completely.

Five minutes later, an Israeli drone fired a missile at a group of citizens in central Beit Lahia.

As a result, Ahmed Ziyad Hussain Sabbah, 28, and Mohammed Nazeer Mohammed Abu ‘Oun, 18, were killed while two other civilians were injured; one of them sustained serious wounds.

The PCHR added that Israeli warplanes also fired three missiles at a 3-story house belonging to ‘Abed al-Rahman Abu al-Jabeen in central Jabalia. As a result, the house roof and walls sustained material damage.

In addition, the Israeli warplanes fired a missile at Abu ‘Ajinah’s house in Beit Lahia. As a result, the house roof and walls sustained material damage.

At least fifteen additional Israeli missiles were fired various areas in northern Gaza Strip, including several lands and an under-construction house in western Jabalia. As a result, the lands, streets, and infrastructure sustained severe damage.

Three more missiles were fired at a 3-story house belonging to Omar Suliman in Jabalia, and destroyed it.

On that day, the PCHR said ten Palestinians, including one woman and one child were killed, in addition to 122 injured, including twenty-two women and forty children.

Death toll mounted on that day to 213 Palestinians, including sixty-one children and thirty-five women, while the number of wounded reached 958, including 291 children and 206 women.

The Israeli army also fired missiles into Gaza’s only Covid-19 laboratory near the Headquarter of the Ministry of Health and al-Rimal Clinic. The violent artillery shelling also continued, forcing more residents to leave.

Mohammad was from Gaza city. Source: The Palestinian Center For Human Rights (PCHR)