Mustafa Nidal Al-Qassem

July 03, 2023: Mustafa Nidal Al-Qassem, 17, was killed by Israeli soldiers in Jenin, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed Mustafa’s death and said Israeli soldiers shot him with live fire during the ongoing offensive on Jenin and the Jenin refugee camp.

The slain teen is the tenth Israeli soldier killed Monday; nine Palestinians were killed in Jenin and one near Ramallah.

The Health Ministry said the Palestinian medics rushed Mustafa to the Jenin governmental hospital, but he succumbed to his serious wounds.

Earlier Monday, the soldiers killed eight Palestinians, and injured more than 100 injuries, at least twenty seriously.

During the offensive, the army caused serious damage to many Palestinian homes and cars in the Jenin refugee camp, while the soldiers were damaging walls to move between homes in the densely populated refugee camp.

The Israeli army also ordered hundreds of families to leave their homes in the refugee camp after threatening to bomb their homes.

Th families were forced to seek shelter in hospitals in Jenin city and in the Hall of the Jenin City Council.

The Palestinian Health Ministry identified the eight slain Palestinians as Samih Firas Abu Al-Wafa, 21, Aws Hani Hannoun, 19, Husam Mohammad Abu Theeba, 18, Noureddin Husam Marshoud, 16, Mohammad Mohannad Shami, 23, Ahmad Mohammad Al-Amer, 21, Ali Hani Al-Ghoul, 17, and Majdi Ar’arawi, 17.

The Israeli army also continued its siege on the refugee camp, in addition to preventing medics and journalists from entering it.

Furthermore, the army pushed more armored vehicles into Jenin and the Jenin refugee camp, while its armed drones continued to hover over the area.

The Israeli army deliberately targeted electricity transformers and poles to ensure a blackout in Jenin refugee camp and its surrounding areas, and also attacked medics, ambulances, journalists, and media centers.

Israeli Ynet News quoted Israeli officials stating that the offensive in Jenin will continue for another day to “achieve the goals for which the operation began.”

The official, according to Ynet News said that the made achieved what was described as considerable achievements in the refugee camp and located what it alleged explosive laboratories and weapons and added that “more goals Israel’s security apparatus wants to achieve,” before concluding the offensive.

The Israeli army also abducted dozens of Palestinians during the offensive in Jenin.

On the same day, the soldiers killed Mohammad Emad Hassanein, 21, at the entrance of the Al-Biereh city in the central West Bank.

Hassanein, from Gaza but lived with his family in Ramallah, was a former political prisoner, and was recovering from gunshot wounds he suffered before the soldiers abducted him on May 15, 2019.

At the time, the soldiers shot him in the right leg, causing serious muscle and nerve damage, and he has since been receiving treatment to regain the full function of his leg.

Mustafa was from Jenin, in the occupied West Bank’s northern part. Source: IMEMC