Yousef Mohammed ‘Abed al-Qader Abu Hussain

May 19, 2021: Yousef Mohammed ‘Abed al-Qader Abu Hussein, 33, was killed when the Israeli army fired missiles into a residential building in Gaza.

Yousef was an announcer with al-Aqsa Radio and was killed while when the army fired missiles into the 4th and 5th floors in the targeted building in Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in Gaza city.

Eyewitnesses said the Israeli army fired three missiles into the building without a warning.

The Al-Aqsa Radio issued a statement mourning his death and stating that he was a dedicated announcer and journalist.

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It also denounced the continued Israeli targeting of civilian building, homes, medical facilities, holy sites, and infrastructure, and called for holding Israel accountable for its constant and escalating violations.

The Israeli warplanes also fired a missile Abu Hussein’s car which was parked in front of his house, destroying it along with two other civilian vehicles parked in the area.

Yousef was from Gaza. Source: IMEMC