Rawan Ala’ Abu Al-Ouf

May 16, 2021: Rawan Ala’ Sobhi Abu Al-Ouf, 19, was killed by Israeli missiles that struck homes and buildings in the al-Wehda Street, in the Remal neighborhood, in Gaza city.

The Palestinian Center For Human Rights (PCHR) said the Israeli airstrikes on al-Rimal neighborhood and on al-Wehda Street destroyed the main roads and infrastructure starting from al-Rimal Clinic’s intersection to Palmira intersection and the Middle East Council of Churches Street in addition to the Thai Restaurant intersection and al-Thawrah Street.

Additionally, the Labor Ministry’s headquarter was destroyed while the Ministry of Social Development, Doctors Without Borders organization, ‘Ajour  and al- Omara 4-story buildings, and a 2-story house, which is inhabited, belonging to Mattar family sustained severe damage.

The PCHR identified the following death Deaths at Abu al-Ouf building: Ayman Tawfiq Abu al-Ouf, 50, an internist of al-Shifa Hospital, his two children, Tawfiq, 17, and Tala, 13; Abeer Nimir Ali Shkontana 30, three of her children, Yehya Riyad Hasan Shkontana 5, Dana, 9, and Zain, 2; Dima Rami Riyad al-Ifranji, 16, Reem Khalil Ahmed Abu al-Ouf, 41, Hazem Adel Na’eem al-Qamea’, 48, and Rawan Alaa Subhi Abu al-Ouf, 19.

The Israeli missiles also struck a building in Gaza killing several members of al-Qolaq family, identified as Fawwaz Ameen Mohammed al-Qolaq, 63, along with 4 of his sons and daughters; Abdul Hameed, 23, Reham, 33, Bahaa, 49, and Sameh, 2; and the latter’s wife, Ayat Ibrahim Khalil al-Qolaq, 19, and their 6-month old son, Qusay; Amal Jameel Salama al-Qolaq 42, and 3 of her children, Taher Ameen al-Qolaq, 24, Ahmed, 16, and Hanaa, 15.

The missiles also killed Mohammed Mo’een Mohammed al-Qolaq 42, his brother, Izzat, 44, and his two children, Zaid, 8, and Adam, 3. Doaa’ Omar Abdullah al-Qolaq, 39, and Sa’diya Yousef Daher al-Qolaq, 84).

Also, the airstrike on Al-Ahlam building resulted in the killing of a Neurologist in al-Shifa Hospital, Mo’een Ahmed Hasan al-‘Aloul, 67, and Lo’ay Mohammed Ahmed Owda, 55.

At approximately 10:30, Israeli warplanes launched 6 missiles at 3 residential buildings namely “Anas Ben Malek”, each was of 7 floors, on an area of a dunum and a half on al-Yarmouk Street in Gaza City. As a result, the three buildings were destroyed, and nearby buildings, institutions and facilities sustained severe damage.

On that day, Israeli missiles killed 38 Palestinians, including 9 women and 12 Children, in addition to wounding 128 Others, including twenty-two women and 39 children.

Death toll reached on that day to 181, Including 52 Children and 31 Women, and Total Number of Injures Mounts to 783, Including 233 Children and 176 Women.

Rawan was from Gaza city. Source: The Palestinian Center For Human Rights, IMEMC