Baha’ al-Harbawi

June 20, 2017: Baha’ Samir al-Harbawi, 23, was killed by Israeli soldiers near Jaba’ military roadblock, northeast of East Jerusalem, after the soldiers claimed that he attempted to stab them while they were conducting routine searches. The Israeli army said the incident caused no injuries among the soldiers.

Following the fatal shooting, the army closed the area, and isolated it, while more troops were deployed around it, especially around Palestinian communities north of Jerusalem, and in the northern part of the West Bank.

The soldiers also invaded the town of al-‘Ezariyya, east of Jerusalem, and abducted Emad al-Harbawi, the father of the slain Palestinian, after storming his home and searching it, and took him to a detention and interrogation center in Ma’ale Adumim settlement.

The family denied the military allegations and said that Baha’ left al-‘Ezariyya after finishing his work in the evening, and was heading to Ramallah to visit his brother, and to shop there.

Baha’ was never detained and imprisoned by Israel before his death, and had no political affiliation. Baha’ was from al-‘Ezariyya, east of Jerusalem. Source: IMEMC