Alessandro Parini

April 07, 2023: Alessandro Parini, 35, was killed in a car-ramming and shooting attack near a beach in Tel Aviv.

Israeli sources said Parini, an Italian lawyer from Rome who was vacationing in Tel Aviv, was killed, and five tourists were injured in what is believed to be a ‘car-ramming and shooting attack” near a beach in Tel Aviv before the police killed the attacker, 44, from Kafr Qassem town.

The sources added that the incident occurred at about 21:35 Friday when the attacker drove on the bike lane of “Charles Clore Park,” hitting six pedestrians.

The police named the driver as Yousef Abu Jaber, 44, a married father of five daughters from Kafr Qassem.

Yousef Ahmad Abu Jaber

Israeli daily Haaretz said, “A police officer and a municipal ranger arrived at the scene, and as they noticed the attacker attempted to reach a rifle-like object that was with him, they shot at him and killed him. According to a police source, no weapon was found in Jaber’s vehicle, but rather a toy gun.”

It added that three persons suffered moderate wounds, including a man, 74 years of age, and a teenage girl, 17, and that the two other wounded persons, a 50-year-old man and a woman, 70, suffered mild injuries. Haaretz also said some of the wounded were British and Italian citizens.

According to Haaretz, an eyewitness said a vehicle sped after and entered a gas station nearby the incident before gunshots were heard, and then the vehicle which was used in the incident turned rightwards and rolled over.

On April 9, the Israeli daily The Times Of Israel reported that Parini “was not found to have sustained any gunshot wounds, the Institute of Forensic Medicine confirmed on Sunday, while police sources reportedly confirmed that the incident was a terror attack.”

The Times Of Israeli added: “Despite earlier reports in the Italian media claiming a bullet had been found during a CT scan of Parini’s body, the Institute of Forensic Medicine ruled out the possibility, confirming that the force of the impact had killed the tourist.

A police officer and municipal inspectors who were near the scene of the alleged attack when the car overturned had initially claimed they saw the driver, Yousef Abu Jaber, “reach [for] a rifle-like object that was with him,” leading to initial suspicions that he had rammed Parini before proceeding to shoot him.”

Yousef’s family said they were shocked to hear about the incident and added that they would have prevented this from happening if they had known anything in advance and that he was a very quiet, respectful person and never had any ideological way of thinking.

Alessandro was from Rome, Italy. Source: IMEMC