Hamza Abdul-al

Hamza Abdul AlApril 6, 2018: Hamza Abdul-al, 20, was killed by Israeli forces who shot him at a border protest in central Gaza. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition, and died later that same night.

He was one of two Palestinian civilians who were injured on Friday at the border protests, and died of their injuries overnight – bringing the total number of Palestinian civilians killed Friday to ten.

Israeli soldiers attacked protesters who were gathered in the north, east, and southern borders of Gaza.

Hamza died Friday night of injuries sustained during the protest earlier that day. Dr. Ashraf al-Qidra of the Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed his death at the hospital where he was taken after being shot with a live round by Israeli forces.

Following the death of the two Palestinians, Dr. al-Qidra said that the Israeli soldiers have killed ten Palestinian civilians in Gaza on Friday April 6th and injured 1,354, including 491 shot with live rounds and expanding bullets. 33 of those who were shot are still in critical condition.

Doctors at the Gaza Central Hospital reported that many of those who were injured by live fire were hit by expanding bullets, which tear apart internal organs and tissues once they enter the body. These types of bullets are illegal under international law for use against a civilian population.

Yassar was from Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. Source: IMEMC