Ghanem Ibrahim Sharab

November 5, 2018: Ghanem Ibrahim Sharab, 44, died from complications resulting from wounds he suffered three weeks earlier, after Israeli soldiers shot him in southern Gaza.

The sources said that Ghanem was shot by the soldiers three weeks ago, and died from serious complications resulting from his injury. These complications progressed quickly after the doctors had to amputate his left foot, on October 29th.

Gaza Strip hospitals have been complaining from serious deficiency in urgent medical supplies and equipment in the besieged and improvised coastal region.

The Health Ministry in Gaza issued numerous statements and appeals regarding the seriously deteriorating conditions in the hospitals, due to the thousands of injuries, including hundreds who suffered very serious wounds, since the Great Return March processions started on March 30th, and the ongoing Israeli siege on the coastal region.

On Sunday evening, a Palestinian teenage boy, identified as Emad Khalil Shahin, 17, from the Nusseirat refugee camp in Central Gaza, died from serious wounds he suffered a day earlier, after Israeli soldiers shot and seriously injured him.

On Saturday, a Palestinian child, identified as Mohammad Nasr al-Reefy, 14, died from serious wounds he suffered after the army fired a missile at his home, during the Israeli war in the Gaza Strip, in the summer of 2014.

Ghanem was from Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. Source: IMEMC