Eyad Al-Hasani

EyadMay 12, 2023: Eyad Al-Hasani, 51, was killed in a targeted assassination by an Israeli missile. The assassination came on the fourth day of an Israeli assault on Gaza in which over thirty Palestinians were killed in their homes and neighborhoods, many of them young children,

Medical sources in Gaza said two Palestinians were killed, and at least five were injured when the Israeli Air Force fired a missile at an apartment in the Nasr neighborhood, west of Gaza City.

The sources added that at least one Palestinian was injured when the army fired a missile into an agricultural land east of Beit Lahia in northern Gaza.

In its part, the Islamic Jihad Movement and its Al-Quds Brigades issued a statement confirming the death of one of its leaders and a member of the Central Operations Committee, Eyad Al-Hasani, along with his aide Mohammad Walid Abdul-Al.

The Brigades added that it would retaliate for the assassinations of its leaders and the Palestinian civilians in Gaza and would never abandon the path of resistance until the liberation of the Palestinian people from Israel’s military occupation.

The Israeli Army released footage of when its Air Force targeted Al-Hasani’s home.

Palestinian Health Ministry, Dr. Mai Al-Kaila, said the branch of the Al-Aqsa Hospital in Gaza sustained damage after the army fired a missile at a nearby home and destroyed it.

She denounced the escalating Israeli crimes and violations of International Law, especially articles regarding protecting civilians and those that forbid targeting civilian and health facilities, especially hospitals, medical centers, homes, and educational facilities.

On Thursday and Friday dawn, Israeli missiles killed nine Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, while the soldiers killed two in the West Bank, as Israel continued its escalation against the Palestinian people, their homes, and their lands. Israeli missiles have killed 33 Palestinians, including three children and six women, and injured at least 147, mostly women and children, since the beginning of the Israeli offensive on Tuesday dawn.

The Health Ministry also denounced the deliberate Israeli targeting of medical centers in Gaza and said that, on Friday, the Israeli army fired missiles at the Al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir Al-Balah, in central Gaza, and the Qizan An-Najjar Clinic between Khan Younis and Rafah in southern Gaza.

Eyad was from the Gaza Strip. Source: IMEMC