Tariq Lu’ay Badwan

February 6, 2020: Tariq Lu’ay Badwan, aged 24, succumbed to injuries sustained by Israeli gunfire during confrontations that erupted in Jenin, on Thursday.

Sgt. Badwan, was a Palestinian police officer from Qalqilia. He died after he was shot and injured by Israeli occupation forces while working at the special police headquarters in Jenin.

Badwan was shot by Israeli soldiers while he was standing near the door inside a police station in Jenin.

Badwan was shot in the stomach and then transferred to the Khalil Suleiman Governmental Hospital, and then to Al-Razi Hospital, due to the seriousness of his condition.

The sergeant underwent a surgery that lasted for several hours, with the participation of 5 doctors who administered 30 units of blood, but were powerless to save his life.

Badwan’s death follows that of Yazan Monther Abu Tabeekh, aged 16, who was killed at dawn while 6 others were wounded in Jenin. Israeli forces also shot dead  Muhammad Salman Al-Haddad , 17,  at the Bab al-Zawiya area of Hebron city.

Yazan was killed Thursday morning when the Israeli military invaded Jenin city and started the demolition of a home belonging to the family of a political prisoner. An additional six Palestinians were wounded with live ammunition.

The six other wounded Palestinians, who were all shot with live fire, have been identified as Majd Azmi, Mohammad Hussein Zeidan, Jamal Mohammad Ghanem, Zein Zeid, Odai Ayman Mer’ery, and Hani Ata Abu Rmeila. All were moved to the al-Razi hospital.

The fatal shooting and the injuries took place during protests that erupted when more than 30 Israeli military vehicles, including bulldozers, invaded Jenin and demolished the home of a political prisoner, identified as Ahmad Abu al-Qombo’, for the second time.

It is worth mentioning that, on April 24th 2019, the Israeli army invaded Jenin and demolished Ahmad’s family home, after accusing him of involvement in a shooting attack that took place near Nablus, leading to the death of an Israeli settler, identified as Rabbi Raziel Shevach, near Nablus.

After being demolished the first time, the home was rebuilt through local society donations and support, however, on January 12th, the Israeli army decided to destroy the property again.

On February 06, 2018, the soldiers killed Ahmad Nasr Jarrar, 22, in the al-Yamoun, near Jenin, on suspicion of involvement in the fatal shooting.

Tariq was from Qalqilia, in the northern West Bank. Source: IMEMC