Mohammad Wael Ghazzawi

March 07, 2023: Mohammad Wael Ghazzawi, 26, was one of six Palestinians shot and killed by Israeli troops during a massive invasion of the northern West Bank Palestinian city of Jenin, as well as invading the Jenin refugee camp on the outskirts of the city.

The soldiers killed six Palestinian men, ranging in age from 22 – 49 years old. Those killed by the invading Israeli forces were identified as Mohammad Wael Ghazzawi (26 years) from Jenin camp, Tariq Ziyad Mustafa Natour (27 years) from Jenin, Ziyad Amin Al-Zar’ini (29 years) from Jenin, and Abdel-Fattah Hussein Kharousha (49 years) from the Askar camp in Nablus, Mutasem Nasser Sabbagh (22 years) from the Jenin camp, and Muhammad Ahmed Salim Khallouf (22 years) from the town of Burqin in the Jenin governorate.

In addition, 26 Palestinian civilians were wounded by Israeli forces, who shot live ammunition towards crowds of demonstrators who were throwing stones at the invading soldiers. Three of those wounded had injuries that were described as critical.

According to the Palestinian Wafa News Agency, Israeli forces fired at least one missile toward a building in Jenin refugee camp, and columns of smoke were seen rising from the building. In addition, the Israeli military deployed dozens of snipers on the roofs of commercial and residential buildings in Jenin and Jenin refugee camp, firing at Palestinians on the ground.

This is the third such invasion targeting Palestinians in the northern West Bank in the past three months. On the twenty-second of February, Israeli occupation forces committed a massacre in the city of Nablus, which resulted in the death of 11 Palestinians, including a child and 3 elders, and the injury of more than 102 others.

And on the 26th of January, the Israeli occupation forces committed a massacre in the city of Jenin and the Jenin refugee camp, during which 9 Palestinians were killed, including an elderly woman, and 20 Palestinians were injured.

The Palestinian Liberation Movement, Fatah, issued a statement condemning what they termed another Israeli massacre in Jenin. They stated that this attack only affirms their steadfast commitment to ending the Israeli military occupation of Palestine, and to establishing a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. The statement mourned the deaths of the men killed in Jenin Tuesday, and called for an escalation of resistance against the Israeli occupation, its army and its paramilitary settlers.

The movement stated that this barbaric aggression reflects the bloody approach of the beleaguered occupation government, which seeks, through the shedding of the blood of the Palestinian people, to export its internal crises, stressing that the Israeli occupation and its paramilitary settlers will be held accountable for their continuous crimes against the Palestinian people.

The reference to Israel’s ‘internal crises’ refers to the fact that the current Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is under indictment for corruption, and protesters have called for his resignation.

Mohammad was from Jenin, in the northern West Bank. Source: IMEMC