Yazan Fathi Elian

May 10, 2023: Yazan Fathi Elian, 17, was killed in an Israeli missile strike on Gaza city.

Medical sources said that Israeli missiles killed at least eight Palestinians, including a child, in addition to another child who died from a heart attack due to Israeli strikes.

Rami Shadi Mousa Hamdan, 16, Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza.

Lian Bilal Medookh, 10, was killed after the army fired missiles into Sahaba Street in Gaza City.

Lian Bilal Medookh

Ala’ Maher Baraka, 27, was killed by Israeli missiles in the Al-Fakhari areas, east of Khan Younis, in southern Gaza.

Alam Samr Abdul-Aziz, 27, was killed by Israeli missiles east of Rafah city in southern Gaza.

Ayman Karam Saidam, 26, was killed by Israeli missiles east of Rafah city in southern Gaza.

Ahmad Mohammad Ghanmi Shabaki, 51, Qleibo area, Beit Lahia in northern Gaza.

Mohammad Yousef Abu T’eima, 25, was killed when an Israeli army drone fired a missile into Palestinian agricultural lands in the Al-Fakhari area, east of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip; one Palestinian was seriously injured. Mohammad was working on his land when the army fired the missiles.

The Health Ministry in Gaza said Israeli missiles have killed 21 Palestinians, and injured 64 since Tuesday dawn, and added that among the victims are women and children.

Also, the Israeli army refused to allow the entry of foreign media outlets into the Gaza Strip, for the second day.

Also, a Palestinian child, Tamim Mahmoud Daoud, 5, from Gaza City, died from a heart attack due to the continued Israeli bombing of Gaza.

Sources in Gaza said the child literally was scared to death when Israeli missiles struck buildings near his home.

Medical sources at the Abu Yousef Najjar Hospital in Rafah has confirmed the two Palestinians’ death by Israeli missiles and added that seven Palestinians were injured east of Rafah.

Ahmad Shabaki

The two Palestinians were killed after the Israeli Airforce fired many missiles into several areas in the southern, eastern, and northern parts of the Gaza Strip.

The army fired two missiles into an area east of Rafah, one into an area east of Khan Younis, in southern Gaza, in addition to two areas west of Beit Lahia, and one missile targeting an area east of Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza, causing extensive damage to many homes and buildings.

Sources at the Indonesian Hospital said two Palestinian children were injured by fragments from a missile the army fired into the Al-Atatra area northwest of Beit Lahia.

Palestinian armed resistance groups in Gaza also fired many shells into Sderot, Ashkelon (Asqalan), the Western Negev, Gush Dan, Ashdod, and Tel Aviv.

Israeli sources said a house in Sderot sustained damage from a shell fired from Gaza and added that another shell struck a kindergarten that was closed due to the escalating situation in the region.

The Israeli army said it is ongoing with the offensive on the Gaza Strip, targeting Islamic Jihad members and fighters, however, the casualties are largely civilian, including women and children.

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Also, dozens of thousands of Palestinians held the funeral ceremonies and processions of the fifteen Palestinians, including women and children, who were killed a day earlier in the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip.

Thirteen of the slain Palestinians were killed on Tuesday dawn, and two were killed in renewed Israeli strikes in the evening of the same day.

In the occupied West Bank, Israeli soldiers killed two young Palestinian men and injured one in Qabatia town, south of Jenin.

Yazan was from Gaza. Source: IMEMC