Abdul-Rahman Fares Atta

Oct 05, 2023: Abdul-Rahman Fares Mohammad Atta, 23, was killed by Israeli soldiers who also killed another young man in Shoufa village, southeast of Tulkarem in the northwestern occupied West Bank.

Media sources said that the soldiers fired many rounds of live ammunition at two young men while they were in their vehicle on the main street of Shoufa village.

The General Authority for Civil Affairs informed the Ministry of Health that Abdul-Rahman Fares Muhammad Atta, 23, and Hotheifa Adnan Muhammad Fares, 27, succumbed to gunshot wounds inflicted on them by the occupation forces.

After shooting the two young men, the soldiers dragged them out of the vehicle and denied them medical intervention by preventing Palestinian ambulance crews from approaching them, which resulted in excessive blood loss.

[Video from Palestine TV]

Later on, the soldiers transported the two injured young men in a military ambulance to an Israeli medical center.

The Israeli army claimed that the two Palestinians were behind a shooting targeting a car driven by a paramilitary colonizer near the Avnei Hefetz illegal colony before fleeing the scene and opening fire at Israeli soldiers at a military roadblock they installed after the shooting.

The soldiers also blocked local journalists from accessing the scene to provide media coverage, firing concussion grenades and tear gas canisters at them, damaging the windshield of a Palestine TV vehicle.

The entrances of the village were closed, blocking citizens’ movements into the village, and impeding traffic at the permanent military roadblock at the western entrance to the village.

Abdul-Rahman, a father of two children, was from Tulkarem refugee camp, in Tulkarem in the occupied West Bank’s northwestern part. Source: IMEMC