Ahmad Abu ‘Ayta

July 24, 2014: Ahmad Ibrahim Abu ‘Ayta, 31, was killed by Israeli soldiers who fired a missile at the adjacent house of Mohammed al-Ajrami, in Tal Al-Za’tar area, in Jabalia town, in northern Gaza, completely destroying the property and severely damaging his grandfather’s house.

The missiles led to his death, along with his son, Adham, who was only four years of age, his father Ibrahim, 66, his mother, Jamila, 54, and his brother Ahmad, 31.

An Israeli drone that fired two missiles at the two-story house of Al-Ajrami family, and ten minutes later, an Israeli warplane fired a missile at the property.

Abu Ayta family members were killed after they gathered in the ground floor of their property just seconds before the second strike targeted it, adjacent to the al-Ajrami house. Ahmad was from Jabalia. Source: Mezan Center for Human Rights