Wa’el Ismail Al-Ghoul

August 03, 2014: Wa’el Ismail Mohammed Al-Ghoul, 42, was killed by Israeli soldiers who fired a missile from a warplane at his family’s home in Bashit area, in Rafah refugee camp, in the southern Gaza Strip district of Rafah.

The Israeli missile killed Wa’el, along with his infant son, Mustafa, 1 month of age, his older son, Ismail, 14, and his daughter, Malak, 6.

Wa’el’s father, Ismail Mohammad al-Ghoul, 63, his mother, Khadra, 43, along with his sisters, Hanadi, 28, and Asma, 22, and his brother, Mohammed, 33, were also killed in the bombing.

At least 62 Palestinians, mainly women and children, were killed, and dozens more were injured, that day alone, during the ongoing Israeli bombardment and shelling, in various parts of the Gaza Strip. Wa’el was from Rafah. Source: IMEMC, Mezan Center For Human Rights