Su’ad No’man Zo’rob

August 01, 2014: Su’ad No’man Zo’rob, 40, was killed by Israeli soldiers who fired two missiles at her family’s house, in the al-Saudi neighborhood in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. In total, the Israeli missiles led to the death of sixteen Palestinians, including four women and ten children.

The home was destroyed over its inhabitants, leading to her death along with her sons, Ahmed, 15, and Mohammed, 12, her mother, Sabha Mustafa Zo’rob, 66,

The family members who were killed in the Israeli bombardment have been identified as her mother, Sabha Mustafa Zo’rob, 66, her sister Sana’ No’man Zo’rob, Sana’s husband Ra’fat Odeh Zo’rob, 51, Sana and Ra’fat’s children, Amir, 15, ‘Udai, 13, Shahed, 10, and Khaled, 9.

The Israeli missiles also killed her second younger sister, Ahlam, 38, her daughter Rawan, 8, and her son, Rami, 12. Their infant neighbor Nour Mohammad Abu Asi, 45 days of age, was also killed in the Israeli bombardment.

At least seventy Palestinians were killed by Israeli missiles and shells that day in various parts of the Gaza Strip. Su’ad was from Rafah. Source: IMEMC, Mezan Center For Human Rights