Nesma Iyad Siam

girl-nophotoJuly 21, 2014: Nesma Iyad Al-Qassas, 10, was killed by an Israeli missile fired into the third-floor flat of Yasser Khader al-Qassas, in the Thalathini Street, south of Gaza city.

She was killed along with several family members, including children.

Besides Nesma, the slain family members have been identified as:


  1. Sumaya Mohammed Nassar Al-Qassas, 33
  2. Yasmin Yasser Al-Qassas, 7, Sumaya’s daughter
  3. Isara’ Yasser Al-Qassas, 10, Sumaya’s daughter
  4. Arwa Yasser Al-Qassas, 5, Sumaya’s daughter
  5. Samar Yasser Al Qassas, 3, Sumaya’s daughter
  6. Faiza Saber Ahmed Siam, 67, Sumaya’s mother
  7. Alyaa’ khadir Yousif Siam (33), Sumaya’s sister
  8. Lamia’ Iyad Al Qassas, 12, Yasser’s niece.

Nesma was from Gaza. Source: Mezan Center For Human Rights