Kamal Ahmed Al-Bakri

August 05, 2014: Kamal Ahmed Al-Bakri, 3, died of serious wounded he suffered a day earlier when the Israeli army fired missiles at the three-story family house of his father, Ahmed Kamal al-Bakri, which housed four other families, with a total of 30 Palestinians, including 17 children, in the al-Shati’ refugee camp, in western Gaza. His mother, Ibtisam, 37, his sisters, Asil, 7, and Asma’, 3 months, along with his uncle, Ramadan Ahmed al-Bakri, 33, and Ibrahim Mohammad al-Aidi al-Mashharawi, 33, who was visiting the family were also killed in the attack, while 35 Palestinians, including 14 children and 8 women, were injured, and two nearby homes, belonging to Ayyad and Abu Touha families, were damaged in the strike that was carried out during a unilateral truce announced by Israel. Kamal was from Shaty refugee camp, in Gaza. Source: Mezan Center for Human Rights