Hamad Yousif Al-Najjar

July 29, 2014: Hamad Yousif Hasan Al-Najjar, 23, was killed by Israeli missiles fired at the house of Ibrahim Hasan Al-Najjar, in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Hamad’s cousin, Mohammad Zaki Al-Najjar, 23, was also killed along with his grandmother, Fawziya Qasem Al-Najjar, 81, in addition to Mona Ismail Al-Najjar, 43, Aya Ibrahim Abu Sitta, 23, Jehad Ibrahim Al-Najjar, 25, and his wife Maysa Abdel-Samee’ Al-Najjar, 18, and their infant daughter, Mona, 27 days.

The attack against the Al-Najjar family home came at dawn, without a warning from the Israeli army, and damaged several nearby homes, leading to dozens of injuries.

At least 45 Palestinians were killed by Israeli missiles and shells, in different parts of the Gaza Strip, on that day alone. Hamad was from Khan Younis. Source: Mezan Center For Human Rights