Ahmad Ismail Abu Hamad

August 04, 2014: Ahmad Ismail Abu Hamad, 34, was killed by Israeli missiles that struck many homes and buildings in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, despite a unilateral seven-hour truce declared by Israel. At least thirty Palestinians, including children were killed, and dozens were injured, some suffered life-threatening wounds and others were buried under the rubble of bombarded homes. Among the 30 Palestinians killed that day alone, was his brother Fayez, 32, in addition to Ibtisam Ibrahim al-Bakri, 37, her daughters Asil, 7, and Asma’, 3 months, and her son Kamal, 3, in addition to her relative Ramadan Ahmed al-Bakri, 33, while dozens of Palestinians, including children, were injured. Ahmad was from Khan Younis. Source: IMEMC