Ahmed Abu Amer

July 29, 2014: Ahmed Hassan Abu Amer, 35, was killed by Israeli soldiers who fired missiles at a residential building in the al-Mahatta area, in Khan Younis city, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, also killing his brothers, Mohammed, 19, and Waddah, 39, Waddah’s wife ‘Orouba, 41, and their children, Omar, 12, Issa, 7, Imad, 5, and Ez Ad-Din, in addition to his brother, Mohammed, 19.

The missiles also killed Ahmed Suleiman Abu Amer, 40, his wife, Mona, 35, along with their children Mohammed, 11, Marah, 10, Yasser, 8, Marwa, 5, and Suleiman, 3.

The residential building was about 400 square meters, owned by Karam Mohammed Al-Dali, where Abu Amer family lived in rented apartments, along with the families of al-Najjar, Breeka, and Mu’ammar.

The Israeli bombardment leveled the building, and caused severe damage to nearby buildings, leading to the death of 35 Palestinians, and wounding 27 others. Abu Amer family was living in a kindergarten in the building after fleeing their home. Ahmed Din was from Khan Younis. Source: Mezan Center for Human Rights