Naseeb Abu Mazer


September 30, 2016:
Naseeb Abu Mazer, 28, was killed by Israeli soldiers at the Qalandia terminal, between Jerusalem and Ramallah, after the army claimed he pulled a knife and stabbed a soldier causing a moderate injury. Eyewitnesses said the young man was left bleeding with no medical attention for an hour and died from his wounds. Naseeb was from Kafr Aqab village in Jerusalem. Source: IMEMC

Ahmad Meit


September 29, 2016:
Ahmad As’ad Meit, 30, was killed by after inhaling toxic chemical from an Israeli missile that was dropped during the 2014 war on Gaza, while he and three other explosives’ experts were trying to defuse it, after locating it under the rubble of one of the destroyed buildings. Ahmad was from Beit Hanoun. Source: IMEMC