Abdul-Karim Badea’ Sheikh

 Abdul-KarimMarch 10, 2023: Abdul-Karim Badea’ Sheikh, 21, was shot and killed by an Israeli paramilitary colonizer shot and killed a Palestinian at an illegal colony after he reportedly attacked him with a knife, near Qalqilia, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

Israeli sources said the Palestinian allegedly approached a colonizer at the Dorit Farm near Ma’ale Shomron colony, between Qalqilia and Salfit, and tried to stab him before the Israeli man fatally shot him. No Palestinian sources confirmed this allegation.

The sources claimed that the Palestinian carried “several knives and improvised explosive devices” and added that there were no Israeli casualties.

According to the Israeli Kan News, the Palestinian carried several knives and approached the colonizer while shouting Allahu Akbar before he fatally shot him.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said the Israeli army informed the Palestinian General Authority of Civil Affairs that the Palestinian has been identified as Abdul-Karim Badea’ Sheikh, 21, and confirmed his death.

Hours after the young man’s death, dozens of soldiers invaded Sneiria village, south of Qalqilia, before storming and ransacking his family’s home and several nearby homes.

Also Friday, the Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed the death of a Palestinian child, Amir Mamoun Odah, 16, whom Israeli soldiers shot and seriously injured earlier in Qalqilia.

Thursday morning, the Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed the death of Walid Sa’ad Daoud Nassar, 14, who was seriously injured by Israeli army fire two days ago when the soldiers killed six Palestinians in Jenin, in the northern West Bank.

Abdul-Karim was from Qalqilia, in the northwestern West Bank. Source: IMEMC

Sofian Nawwaf al-Khawaja

March 22, 2020: Sofian Nawwaf al-Khawaja, 29, was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers near the entrance of Ni’lin village, west of the central West Bank city of Ramallah.

Medical sources said the soldiers shot Sofian during an invasion of the area, causing a very serious injury that resulted in his death shortly afterward.

They added that the soldiers stopped and held a Palestinian ambulance that was rushing to render aid to the Palestinian.

Instead of allowing the Palestinian medics to render the urgently needed aid to the critically wounded young man, the soldiers called for an Israeli ambulance while al-Khawaja continued to bleed.

The Israeli army claimed that the soldiers opened fire at several Palestinians who reportedly hurled stones at their jeeps.

However, Palestinian sources said the slain Palestinian was not among the protesters but happened to be passing through the area along with his cousin.

Israeli daily Haaretz quoted a military spokesperson stating that the soldiers opened fire at two Palestinians who were “hurling rocks at Israeli vehicles at the Ni’lin junction,” and added that the soldiers “killed one of them, while the other Palestinian managed to escape.”

Haaretz added that the army initiated a search campaign in the area.

Sofian was from Nil’in, in the central West Bank. Source: IMEMC

Mousa Mohammad Mousa

March 12, 2019: Mousa Mohammad Mousa, 23, died of wounds sustained when he was shot and seriously injured by Israeli army fire, on March 1st, during the Great Return March processions, has died from his wounds.

The Palestinian Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip confirmed that Mousa was shot with a live round in his back, east of the al-Boreij refugee camp, in central Gaza.

The Ministry added that the Palestinian remained in a very serious condition at the Intensive Care Unit, until he succumbed to his wounds in the early dawn hours, Monday.

His death brings the number of Palestinians, killed by Israeli army fired since the Great March procession started in the Gaza Strip, on Palestinian Land Day, March 30th, 2018, to 271 Palestinians, including children, journalists and medics.

The number of Palestinians, who were injured by army fire, has exceeded 29.000, including dozens who suffered serious wounds, in scores of residents who suffered amputations of their limbs.

It is worth mentioning that, on Monday morning, a young Palestinian man, identified as Bassam Sami Othman Safi, 22, died from serious wounds he suffered by Israeli army fire, on February 22, 2019.

Also on Monday, Israeli navy ships attacked Palestinian fishing boats in the Waha Sea area, northwest of Gaza city, and abducted two fishermen.

On Friday, the soldiers killed one Palestinian, identified as Tamer Khaled Arafat, 23, and injured 48 others, including four medics and two journalists, in the Great Return March processions, in the eastern parts of the besieged Gaza Strip.

On March 7th, a child, identified as Saifeddin Emad Abu Zeid, 15, died from serious wounds he suffered late, a day earlier, when Israeli soldiers shot him with a live round, and injured several others, during protests on Palestinian lands, close to the perimeter fence, east of Gaza city.

On Sunday at dawn, March 10, the soldiers killed a young Palestinian man, identified as Salama Salah Ka’abna, 22, while driving through a military block on Road #90 in the Jordan Valley area, near Jericho in the occupied West Bank.

Mousa was from Deir al-Balah, in central Gaza. Source: IMEMC

Nahed Fawzi Mteir


March 14, 2016: Nahed Fawzi Mteir, 21, was shot by Israeli soldiers when they invaded the Qalandia refugee camp north of Jerusalem and died of his wounds two weeks later.

During the invasion on March 1, the soldiers killed a young man, identified as Eyad Omar Sajdiyya, 22, and wounded at least seventeen others.

Media sources in the camp said dozens of Israeli military vehicles invaded the camp while military helicopters flew overhead.

The invasion led to protests between the soldiers and dozens of local youngsters, who hurled stones and empty bottles at them.

The slain Palestinian was a fourth-year journalism student at Al-Quds University and a member of the Qalandia Media Center.

He died of his wounds in a Palestinian ambulance that was rushing him to the Palestine Medical Center, in Ramallah.

Israeli daily Haaretz said that prior to the massive invasion, a firebomb had struck and burnt an army vehicle in the camp, forcing the soldiers to leave their burning vehicle. One of them was incommunicado for one hour.

The news agency reported that the initial army investigation found that two soldiers invaded the camp “by mistake,” before their vehicle was hit by stones and a firebomb; the two fled the burning vehicle, apparently in different directions, and that one of them hid in the courtyard of a Palestinian home, before calling for backup.

The army was unable to contact the two soldiers for nearly one hour. Then hundreds of soldiers invaded the refugee camp and managed to locate and extricate the two soldiers.

According to Haaretz, the slain Palestinian was killed during subsequent clashes in the camp, and that ten Israeli soldiers were injured.

The army said it will be investigating the incident, especially the reasons for invading the camp in the first place.
Some Palestinian fighters also exchanged fire with the invading Israeli soldiers, after the army managed to extract the missing soldiers.

In addition, the army prevented many Palestinian ambulances from entering the camp, and declared it a closed military zone.

During the invasion, a Palestinian home near the refugee camp caught fire after the soldiers fired gas bombs, concussion grenades and live rounds, targeting the property and many nearby homes.

Nahed was from Qalandia refugee camp, north of occupied Jerusalem in the West Bank.  Source: IMEMC

Yassin Abu Khusa

AbuKhousaMarch 12, 2016: Yassin Suleiman Abu Khusa, 9, was killed by Israeli airstrikes targeting different parts of northern Gaza.

His sister, Israa’, 6, died from her wounds, and his brother Ayyoub, 13, was also injured in the attack.

The children were in their home, near a building that was targeted by the Israeli Air Force with at least one missile in Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

Medics and rescue teams rushed to the scene, and moved the wounded siblings to the Indonesian Hospital, in Beit Lahia.Source: IMEMC

Bashar Masalha

BashaMsalhaMarch, 8, 2016: Bashar Mohammad Masalha, 22, was killed by Israeli police, who said he stabbed an American citizen and wounded several other Israelis, including a pregnant woman, near the Port in Jaffa city.

Bashar lived with his parents in the second floor (145 square/meters) of their home, and on June 21, the soldiers demolished its inner walls, rendering it unsafe.

The destruction caused serious structural damage to the first and third floors of the building, also rendering them unsafe.

His brother, Baha’, lived with his wife and their two children, in the first floor, while his other brother, Tha’er, lived in the third floor along with his wife and their child.

The American who was killed, identified as Taylor Force, 29, was a student at Vanderbilt University, and traveled to Israel as part of a group of MBA students participating in a 10-day trip during their spring break, which included visits to high-tech companies and meeting with Israeli business leaders, along with sightseeing and recreation.

The Israeli authorities held Bashar’s corpse until May 20th, 2016. Bashar was from Hijja town in the northern West Bank district of Qalqilia. Source: IMEMC