Mohammad Moayyad al-‘Allami

July 28, 2021: Mohammad Moayyad al-‘Allami, 11, was killed by Israeli soldiers at the entrance of Beit Ummar town, north of Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank.

Media sources in Hebron said the soldiers fired live rounds at a car his father was driving in Abu Toaq area, at the entrance of Beit Ummar, seriously wounding the child, before the medics rushed him to the al-Ahli hospital, in Hebron, where he succumbed to his severe injury.

The Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA) said the child, Mohammad was a six-grade student at Beit Ummar Basic School.

Nasri Sabarna, the Mayor of Beit Ummar town, said the father was driving with his son and daughter after they went grocery shopping; they bought bread, vegetables, and potato chips.

Sabarna added that the father then made a U-Turn trying to get to the shop before Israeli soldiers stationed nearby started shouting at the car and ordering him to stop before one of the soldiers opened fire at the car wounding the child in the chest.

The child later succumbed to his serious wounds, while his father and sister were not injured in the incident.

The Palestinian Education Ministry issued a statement denouncing his murder and called on all related human rights groups to intervene and end the escalating Israeli crimes against the unarmed Palestinian people, especially the children.

In related news, Israeli soldiers dug the grave of a deceased Palestinian newborn baby girl, just a few hours after her family buried her at the graveyard in Beit Ummar. The soldiers took the corpse out of the grave and placed it on the ground, before leaving the area.

Sabarna said that the Town Council contacted the family to informed them of what the soldiers did and to conduct the burial ceremony again.

Mohammad was from Beit Ummar town, north of Hebron. Source: IMEMC

Abdo Yousef Tamimi

Abdo TamimiJuly 21st, 2021: Abdo Yousef Khatib Tamimi, 43, died while in Israeli custody at the al-Maskobiyya detention center and interrogation facility in Jerusalem. His family said he was tortured while under interrogation.

Hasan Abed-Rabbo, the media advisor of the Palestinian Detainees’ Committee, stated that Abdo Yousef Khatib Tamimi, 43, from Shu’fat refugee camp, died while being held at the interrogation center.

According to Abed-Rabbo, Abdo Tamimi had been taken prisoner on Sunday, due to a traffic citation and because he was driving his car without a driver’s license.

Abed-Rabbo held Israel fully responsible for his death, especially since the interrogation facility did not reveal sufficient information regarding his death, except for claiming that he suffered a heart attack.

The Palestinian was a married father of four children, and his wife is also pregnant.

His cousin said that Abdo was beaten up by the soldiers and added that the army abducted seven of his relatives for protesting his death.

He stated that the family received information from Palestinians who were detained in the same facility, informing them that Abdo was tortured and beaten up by the soldiers during interrogation.

The Tamimi family demanded an autopsy that would be attended by a Palestinian doctor and added that the young man was healthy and that he was tortured, including being subjected to electric shocks.

Abdo was from Shu’fat refugee camp near Jerusalem. Source: IMEMC

Rami Awartani

Rami Awartani

July 31, 2016:
Rami Awartani, 31, was killed by Israeli soldiers near the Huwwara military roadblock, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, after they alleged he ran towards them carrying a knife, while Palestinian eyewitnesses said the several soldiers shot him in the chest after dragging him out of his car. Rami was from Nablus. Source: IMEMC

Baraa Suliman

bara Suleiman

July 29, 2014: Baraa Muhammad Suliman, 6, was killed by Israeli shells along with seventeen other Palestinians including his mother and sister, and many family members, when the army heavily bombarded, for nearly ten minutes, many homes and buildings in al-Omari Mosque area, in Jabalia, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. Source: B’Tselem