Sawsan Ibrahim Al-Kilani

July 21, 2014: Sawsan Ibrahim Al-Kilani, 10, was killed by Israeli missiles fired into the ten-story Al-Salam residential building in Omar al-Mokhtar Street area, in Gaza City.

The bombarded building was destroyed.

Several families sought shelter in the building after the army issued warnings for them to leave their homes and neighborhoods, in Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

The families rushed to seek shelter in city centers, as the soldiers were preparing to bombard them.

The Israeli army claimed it was targeting Sha’ban al-Dahdouh, 30, a member of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza.

The attack led to the death of eleven Palestinians, including her father, mother, sister and three brothers, in addition to three other women.

The family held German citizenships, as the father lived there for twenty years, while two of his children who were born there, remained in Germany.

Sawsan, a German citizen, was from Beit Lahia. Source: Mezan Center For Human Rights