Anas Montaser Taha

August 9, 2015: Anas Montaser Taha, 24, was killed by Israeli soldiers near an illegal Israeli colony near Ramallah, in central West Bank.

The Israeli army claimed that Anas stabbed an Israeli settler, wounding him lightly.

Taha was shot and severely injured, before he was moved to Shaari Tzedek Israeli Medical Center, in Jerusalem, where he succumbed to his wounds.

The Israeli settler sustained mild stab wounds before he was moved to a hospital for treatment.

The incident took place near Modi’in illegal colony, which was built on illegally confiscated Palestinian lands, west of Ramallah.

In a statement, the Palestinian foreign ministry said that a file on Israel’s policy of field execution committed against the Palestinian people is being prepared in preparation to take it to the international Criminal Court (ICC) in Hague.

According to the Middle East Monitor “At least 23 Palestinians have been killed and another 2,156 detained by the Israeli military since January 1, 2015.

The report noted that the Israeli army killed at least 42 Palestinians in the same period of 2014.

Anas was from Qotna town, northwest of Jerusalem. Source: PNN