Yahya Yorsi Taha

November 26, 2015: Yahya Yosri Taha, 21, was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier during protests that took place between the soldiers and local youths after the army invaded their town, Qotna, northwest of occupied Jerusalem.

Media sources said dozens of Israeli soldiers invaded the town and shot Yahya with one live round in the head, during the protests.

Medics who rushed to the scene said the soldiers kept Taha bleeding on the ground for more than 90 minutes and prevented Palestinian medics from even approaching him.

Protests took place in various parts of Qotna, after dozens of soldiers surrounded the village, and invaded it. The troops stormed and ransacked dozens of homes, and kidnapped scores of residents.

The town’s youngsters hurled stones and empty bottles at the soldiers, who fired dozens of live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets and gas bombs.

The soldiers also assaulted and clubbed many residents after forcing them out of their homes. In each of the homes they invaded, the soldiers forced the families into one room and forced them to remain there while the troops ransacked and searched their property.

It is worth mentioning that four Palestinians from Qotna have been killed by Israeli army fire in the last two months, and dozens have been injured and kidnapped in repeated military invasions.

Yahya was a close friend and relative of Anas Taha, who was shot dead by the army in August of this year.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said the number of Palestinians killed since October 1, has reached one hundred, including twenty-two children and four women; one of the slain women, 30 years of age, was killed along with her two-year-old child, in their own home, in an Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip.

Eighteen of the slain Palestinians were killed in Gaza, one in the Negev, and the rest in the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem.

The Ministry said the more than 12.000 Palestinians have been injured since October 1, adding that 1578 of them with live Israeli rounds, 1085 with rubber-coated steel bullets, and were all moved to hospitals, in addition to 1528 who were shot with rubber-coated steel bullets and received treatment by Palestinian medics.

Yahya was from Qotna town northwest of Jerusalem. Source: IMEMC

Khaled Jawabra

Kahled_JawabraNovember 26, 2015: Khaled Mahmoud Jawabra, 19, was shot by Israeli soldiers after the army invaded al-Arroub refugee camp .

The teenager was shot during after the army fired many live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets and gas bombs, at Palestinians, protesting the invasion.

He was shot twice in the stomach and later died from his injuries in the al-Ahli hospital. He was the third Palestinian to be killed that day.

Khaled was from al-Arroub refugee camp. Source: IMEMC

Ziv Mizrahi


November 23, 2015: Ziv Mizraci, 18, was killed by a Palestinain in a stabbing attack at a gas station near Modi’in settlement near Ramallah in the West Bank. Ziv was an Israeli soldier. Two Israeli women, one of them also a soldier, were mildly injured. The Israeli army killed the Palestinian stabber, identified as Ahmad Jamal Taha. Ziv was from Givat Ze’ev in Jerusalem. Source: Haaretz