Talal Adel Matar

May 15, 2018: Talal Adel Ibrahim Matar, 16, was shot with live Israeli army fire, east of Gaza city, on Monday April 14, and remained in a critical condition until he succumbed to his serious wounds.

The child was shot by the soldiers, stationed across the border fence, east of the al-Boreij refugee camp, in central Gaza.

Talal was rushed to the Shifa Medical Center, in Gaza City, and remained in a critical condition until he succumbed to his serious wounds, one day after her serious injury.

On the same day, another Palestinian, identified as Omar Abu Fol, 30, died from serious wounds he suffered, also on April 14, after Israeli soldiers shot him, east of Gaza City.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said their death brings the number of Palestinians who were killed by Israeli army fire and gas bombs, to sixty-two in less than two days, including six children and four officers of the Ministry of Interior and National Security,

Among the slain Palestinians is an infant girl, only eight months of age, identified as Laila Anwar al-Ghandour, who died from suffocation from tear gas.

At least 2771 Palestinians, including 86 women and girls, and 122 children, and 44 women, were injured by Israeli army fire.

27 of the wounded Palestinians suffered very serious wounds, 59 serious injuries, 735 moderate wounds, and 882 suffered light wounds.

772 of the wounded were shot with live rounds, three with rubber-coated steel bullets, 91 with shrapnel.

65 Palestinians were shot in the head and neck, 116 in their arms, 48 in the chest and back, 651 in the lower extremities, 52 in several parts of their bodies and 737 suffered the effects of teargas inhalation.

The soldiers also caused damage to at least one ambulance and injured one medic and eleven journalists.

The Health Ministry called on Egypt to urgently send emergency medical supplies and specialists, mainly surgeons, intensive care physicians, anesthesia specialists, and to allow the transfer of a large number of the wounded to Egyptian hospitals, especially those indeed of urgent surgeries, since Gaza hospitals lack the needed supplies.

Talal was from the at-Tuffah neighborhood, east of Gaza City. Source: IMEMC

Zeina al-‘Amour


May 5, 2016:
 Zeina al-‘Amour, 59, was killed by Israeli soldiers who fired artillery shells into the al-Fakhari residential area east of Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip. Medics rushed her to the Gaza European Hospital where she died of her serious wounds. Several Palestinians were also injured in the attack. Zeina was from Khan Younis. Source: IMEMC 

‘Umran Abu Dheim

May 20, 2015: ‘Umran Abu Dheim, 41, was killed by police fire after they claimed he “deliberately rammed his car into police officers, in occupied Jerusalem, wounding two, before he was shot dead. 

Palestinian eyewitnesses said the incident was a traffic accident, and not a deliberate attack.

His family said that Abu Dheim had no political affiliation, or any interest in political factions and issues.

He was a married father of five children: Rasha, 14, Hamza, 11, Raghad, 9, Hala, 6, and Mohammad, 14 months of age. He was planning to take his family on a trip to Turkey after the school year is done.

After he was killed, the soldiers invaded and ransacked his home, and interrogated several members of his family.

The Israeli police initially refused to transfer the body of the slain Palestinian to his family and insisted that the funeral procession should not contain more than twenty participants; the family refused the Israeli demands.

Mohammad Mahmoud, one of the lawyers of the Ad-Dameer Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association, said that the Israeli Authorities eventually informed him that they would transfer the body of the slain Palestinian to his family between 11 at night and midnight.

The Israeli preconditions, and extensive military and police deployment around Palestinian communities in occupied Jerusalem, failed in preventing thousands of Jerusalemite Palestinians from marching in the funeral procession, carrying flags and chanting against the Israeli

Protests took place in various parts of occupied Jerusalem, lasting all day long until evening hours, while scores of residents have been injured, including at least eleven in Jabal Al-Mokabber and Jabal az-Zeitoun (The Mount Of Olives).

Omran was from Jabal al-Mokabber in Jerusalem. Source: IMEMC