Anwar Salaima

Anwat Salayma

July 13, 2016
: Anwar Falah Salaima, 22, was killed by Israeli soldiers who invaded the town of ar-Ram, north of Jerusalem, and fired several rounds at a Palestinian car, killing him and wounding two others. The Palestinians were driving unaware of the invasion when they were surprised by the soldiers. Anwar was from al-Ram town. Source: IMEMC

Sawsan Mansour


May 23, 2016:
 Sawsan Daoud Mansour, 18, was killed by Israeli soldiers near the Ras Biddo military roadblock north of Jerusalem after she allegedly attempted to attack the soldiers with a knife. She bled to death after the soldiers prevented Palestinian medics from reaching her. Sawsan was from Biddo town northeast of Jerusalem. Source: IMEMC 

Maram Abu Ismael

April 28, 2016: Maram Saleh Abu Ismael, 23, was killed by Israeli soldiers at the Qalandia terminal, north of Jerusalem, after they claimed she was wearing an explosive, and later changed their statement to accuse her of carrying a knife. The pregnant mother of two children wasn’t carrying anything except her fetus, and accidentally walked the wrong route of the terminal. Her brother Ibrahim, 16, was also killed in the same incident. Maram was from Qotna village, northwest of Jerusalem. Source: IMEMC